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Our clinic is equipped with a suite of high quality diagnostic equipment including in house blood machines, digital x-rays, ultrasound and endoscopy. These tests all offer immediate diagnostic insight, and enable us to make the fastest, most accurate diagnosis possible.

Digital x-rays

Digital radiography enables us to take x-rays and instantly load them to our database for interpretation by our vets, or referral for assessment from a veterinary specialist.
For the safety of our staff and your pet, we will usually recommend sedation or even anaesthesia for x-rays to be performed. This ensures the procedure remains stress free as we often need to position your pet in unusual ways and require they lie completely still. The only exception to this is pregnancy x-rays (performed 55 days following ovulation), or other instances where sedation is deemed to be too high risk for your pet. At the time of discharge, our vets are more than happy to show you your pet’s x-rays – don’t be afraid to ask!

In-house laboratory

Our clinic offers a full range of in house blood machines including haematology, serum biochemistry and progesterone testing (to time mating in dogs). These tests allow us to assess the function of your pet’s immune system (by examining the white blood cell count), the liver, kidneys, and sometimes gives us an insight into endocrine function. To perform these tests we take a small sample of blood, and results are usually available within 15-30 minutes of testing. Where your pet requires more complicated/comprehensive testing, we use an external laboratory with results usually available within 1-3 business days (depending on the type of sample submitted & test requested).
Our laboratory is also equipped with a microscope to enable us to examine urine, blood and lump aspirates in house. This allows us to tailor treatment protocols whilst we await pathologist interpretation/further testing. We can also perform instant heart worm testing, parvovirus/coronavirus/giardia testing (in dogs with diarrhoea) and feline immunodeficiency virus testing


Our small animal vets are all competent with screening abdominal and thoracic ultrasounds, enabling detection of diseases that would otherwise require invasive measures such as exploratory surgery and for the purposes of pregnancy confirmation. For more comprehensive ultrasounds (e.g. echocardiograms and full abdominal ultrasounds) we are able to organise a mobile ultrasonographer to come to our clinic.

Service fees

Veterinary service fees are discussed in full before treatment of any illness or injury is commenced.

We endeavour to provide the best available care and service for all our valued clients however we understand that families have budgets and we will always try, where possible, to offer an alternative to suit you.

To maintain our reasonable fee structure, we are unable to offer account facilities. All services are provided on the basis that they will be paid for in full at the time of service or when your pet is discharged from hospital.

Payment for goods or services can be made by cash, Eftpos, Visa and Mastercard.