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The little off street library is growing

⭐️It’s no secret that we ♥️ all species of animals and also that many of the members of our Ninderry Veterinary Surgery and Hinterland Equine Veterinary Services clinic family are also particularly crazy about horses ��. We also ♥️ books �� and community!

��So we would like to extend an invitation to everyone to visit our little “off street” library ��to share in the joys of reading.

Although our library is in the clinic �� the idea behind it is that it works like a normal street library �� … it’s a bit of a window into the mind of our animal loving community. The books �� come and go and there is no need to check them in or out.

Please feel free to pop in and take what interests��you and when you are finished reading – feel free to return the books or pass them on to friends. As a side note … some of the vintage horse books we have found in our bookshelves at home have some very colourful ideas ���� and if nothing else are great for a laugh ��

If anyone has a book �� or two that they  think others in our community would enjoy – especially to help us broaden our shared collection ���������� … you are so welcome to pop in if you happen to be walking past.

In between helping patients we’re busily wrapping �� our first batch of books in ribbon and putting them in reception … at the moment the books are very equine “how to” themed ��… but through the week the “Secret Unicorn” young reader and “Pig the Pug” books will make their way out ����♥️