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Debs holding a brown cat and smiling at the cameraDr Stacey Gelis- Veterinary Surgeon

(BSc  BVSc (Hons)  MANZCVS (Avian Health))

Favourite coffee order:
A well made Cappuccino, no frills

Dr Stacey brings over 32 years of experience in Veterinary medicine, having practiced in private/GP clinics, specialist hospitals and zoos, as well as wildlife treatment facilities.

Early in his Veterinary career, he developed a particular interest in Avian medicine and surgery… so much so, that he pursued further education and obtained a membership in Avian Health. If that isn’t impressive                                                                                                     enough, he has also dedicated many hours to writing scientific papers, has contributed chapters to several                                                                                              textbooks and travelled internationally to give lectures at conferences and workshops.

                                                                                         Dr Stacey prides himself on developing strong relationships with his clients and their animals and is                                                                                                         passionate about improving the standards of veterinary treatment in Australia, and Internationally.