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Debs holding a brown cat and smiling at the cameraDebs Blanco – Veterinary Nurse

Favourite coffee order: Debs loves a “good ol’ latte”

I’m originally from NZ, and spent many years travelling and discovering the wonders of the world, before deciding to make my home in Australia almost 20 years ago.

I settled into this perfect pocket of the Sunny Coast at the end of 2021 with my hubby and two sons. I have worked in a few different industries over the years, but Vet Nursing is my passion.

I have always had an affinity with animals, I just adore them, and can never pass one without saying hello. Pets are such an important, integral part of our lives, they bring such love and joy to us. I love seeing the bond between clients and their beloved pets, so I will do whatever I can do to keep that relationship flourishing.

Our home is run by a beautiful big feline – Jingles (aka Jig-Jig, Jingle-Jangles, Big Boofer) is a Siamese cross, as seen in my photo. He is as calm and laid back as he is beautiful. Loves climbing in cars (anyone’s, not just ours!), sleeping as close to your face as he can, and gives the biggest, floofiest cuddles.

We lost the only other female in my family just before we moved here, she was a highly spirited Jack Russell x West Highland Terrier, she passed away two weeks before her 17th birthday. Roxy was the naughtiest, scruffiest, most mischievous little dog ever, and we loved her immensely.

Hubby and I are serial renovators, currently tackling the biggest one yet, so a lot of my downtime is spent on the tools! I love camping, beaching, getting out and exploring our gorgeous country. I also love to cook, or curl up with my cats and a book.